Yennenga Adanya

Rear Them Well: Practical Tools For Raising A Genius


“As you explore this work I have compiled for your child’s success inside and out of the classroom, I encourage you to reflect on this quote from Dr. Asa G. Hilliard, III (Nana Baffour), a Jegna who I hold near and dear to my heart and who resides in my spirit. “In our worldview, our children are seen as divine gifts of our creator. Our children, their families, and the social and physical environment must be nurtured together. They must be nurtured in a way that is appropriate for a spiritual people, whose aim is to ‘build for eternity.”

~Yennenga Adanya

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About the Book

“This work is a practical guide for parents and those planning on starting a family soon. If you are looking to learn how to rear your child and maintain your established values and expectations as they matriculate through the public (or private) school system, this book will serve you well. Parents are given great advice for exerting the power they possess and students are given checklists to gauge their progress as they strive to unleash their innate genius. Yennenga has put her best foot forward sharing great tips from a former public school educator’s perspective. The things that most parents don’t know, or have felt they were not “allowed” to challenge, are the very things she walks them through. Parents will not only regain their confidence but will also be challenged to sharpen some of the very skills they need to develop in their children.” ~ Afia Raina Turner


“Your workshop was awesome. I purchased the book after your lecture. Over half way through the book and I found so many ideals that I will be implementing. Thanks for the work, time, and energy you put into the manuscript. OUSTANDING JOB!”
Taurus Henderson
“This book not only will come in handy when or if I do decide to bear children. I also acquired beneficial morsels of knowledge that assist me with furthering my education as an adult. Like the page, and pick it up from Amazon. Thank you Yennenga Adanya! Great work. I’m impatiently awaiting your next book.”
Shou Ling
“When I say this sister has some powerful knowledge for us parents raising geniuses and what the school system label them. Y’all know if your child does something wrong one too many times they label them as ADHD and Special Education. My daughter and I had a great time listening to her. “
Georgette Jones
“This tool right here?! #AbsolutelyNecessary for everyone’s library! ESPECIALLY if you have or work with children. Bless up sis Yennenga Adanya!”
Nia Sade Walker